For those who relish the thrill of the hunt, there are only predators and prey. Be they scouts, trackers, or bounty hunters, rangers share much in common: unique mastery of specialized weapons, skill at stalking even the most elusive game, and the expertise to defeat a wide range of quarries. Knowledgeable, patient, and skilled hunters, these rangers hound man, beast, and monster alike, gaining insight into the way of the predator, skill in varied environments, and ever more lethal martial prowess. While some track man-eating creatures to protect the frontier, others pursue more cunning game—even fugitives among their own people.

Base Class Features

Suggested Combat Styles

  • Crossbow
  • Deceptive
  • Menacing
  • Natural Weapon
  • Thrown Weapon
  • Two-Weapon
  • Underhanded

Suggested Archetypes

  • Corpse Hunter- Many rangers count the undead among their favored enemies, but some make a full-time job out of hunting down and destroying these walking corpses.
  • Demonslayer- Demonslayers are known for their expertise in the destruction of evil outsiders. (NOTE: in all instances of demon, include "devil" as well).
  • Shapeshifter- Most rangers venture into the wilderness, but there are some who let the wilderness seep into them. Whether by curse, disease, ancient rite, a slight lycanthropic influence in the blood, or the corrupting influence of chaos, these rangers embrace the wild to transform themselves into something untamed and feral. Shapeshifters are often held in awe, but are even more often feared.
  • Urban Ranger- For the urban ranger, the streets and sewers of the city are just as dangerous as the barren wastelands or the deep forests.
  • Witchguard- Witchguards are the sworn defenders of the witches of the north. Although the witches are spellcasters of immense power, even they cannot defend themselves against every attack. They are trained to work closely with witches and defend their charges from harm.
  • Yokai Hunter- Yokai hunters possess a supernatural tether to the spirit worlds that shroud mortal existence. They use their powers to peer into the realm of the dead, and are adept at hunting those who dwell in the realm between the Material Plane and the Great Beyond, the supernatural beings which humans refer to as yokai.

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